May 272012

A slightly longer ride from near the base of Stoodley Pike; taking in a teashop in Hebden Bridge.

Distance: 13.3 km (approx 8.25 miles)
Time: approx 1.5 hrs
Height gained: 318 m
Map: Outdoor Leisure 21 – South Pennines
Parking: Along Lee Bottom Road (SD 941260)
Refreshments: Pubs and cafes in Hebden Bridge (SD 991272)

View the route in OS Openspace: Stoodley long loop (via Hebden Bridge)

Note: Our route starts from Higher Stoodley Farm, the cottage we had rented for the weekend. Our Sunday ride – deliberately short so that we could get back for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Route: (anticlockwise) Higher Stoodley Farm – Broad Carr – Pennine Bridleway – Kershaw Farm – Erringder Grange – Old Chamber – Wood Top – Hebden Bridge – Rochdale canal – Eastwood – Holmcoat Bridge – Middle Stoodley – Higher Stoodley Farm