Dec 292012

A walk to one on the most popular attractions in the Yorkshire Dales.

Distance: 19.0 km (approx 11.8 miles)
Time: approx 5.0 hrs
Height gained: 397 m
Map: OL30 – Yorkshire Dales (Northern & Central areas)
Parking: Market Place, Askrigg (SD 948910)
Refreshments: Cafe, National Park Centre, Askrigg (SE 012887)

Pub, Carperby (SE 008898)

Pubs and cafes, Askrigg (SD 948910)

View the route in OS Openspace: Aysgarth Falls from Askrigg

Route: (Anticlockwide) Askrigg -Low Gate – Nappa Mill – Woodhall Park – Barrowfield Bridge – Bear Park – Aysgarth Falls – Carperby – Oxclose Road – Heugh – Newbiggin – Askrigg

Note: Depending on the water level on the river Ure, it should be possible to follow the river rather than take the route through Woodhall Park and Barrowfield Bridge. The river stretch was completely impassible on my visit.