Jan 012003

Distance: 13.9 km (approx 8.6 miles)
Time: approx 3hrs
Height gained: (Not recorded)
Map: Outdoor Leisure 24
Parking: Parwich (SK 190543)
Refreshments: Pubs at Parwich (SK 187543) and Fenny Bentley (SK 175499),
Refreshment kiosk at Tissington (SK 177520)

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From Parwich, leave in the SE direction and walk to where the road turns sharp left. Bear right and follow a track past the sewage works. Continue on a footpath, now heading more of less to the south where the track turns right into a field. Pass Sitterlow Farm and continue straight on, ignoring the farm tack as it swings up hill. As the path contours around the hill, turn to the left and make for a footbridge in the bottom RH corner of the field. Head up hill, crossing a stile. There is no clear route on the ground, but head to the left of the peak do not climb it as you will have to come down part of the way again. I learnt the hard way! Watch for another stile still heading upwards and then carry on, keeping the way on the right. Cross a minor road and descend to Lea Cottage Farm. Bear right before the farmhouse itself and climb uphill again, now heading generally SW. Follow the farm track for a way and watch for a valley starting to form on the right. As the track approaches the trees on the right, drop down to the valley and look for a stile. This can be difficult to find. Cross the stream, and turn slightly to the left and head uphill.

The next stile should be on the skyline. At the time of my walk, cattle had been in the field until fairly recently and had churned what should be grass into a very clinging mud. Climb the stile and then drop down hill again to cross another stream, this time by a planked bridge. However, at the two gateways either side of the stream , it was extremely muddy under foot. After another stile, there is the welcome sight of a tarmaced farm track and walking now is bliss in comparison the past mile or so! Continue SW past Woodeaves Farm, dropping downhill still. Pass a sign pointing, reassuringly, to Fenny Bentley. Just before Woodeaves Mill, turn sharp right and head NW on another metalled farm track. Immediately before the Farm, turn right and now head generally W all the time towards the noise from the traffic on the A515. At the main road, turn R then cross the road (caution – blind bend either way!) and head into the church yard. Now heading SW again, keep the wall on the left and pass through a garden or two to emerge in front of the school. Keep straight on across a field to a farm track. Ignore the footpath sign pointing straight ahead but turn R and then left a sign pointing to Thorpe. Now heading W. climb the hill, again very boggy.

Continue across the stile and the Tissington Trail should soon be seen. At the next stile, head NW towards an obvious bridge on the Tissington Trail. Cross a footbridge over a stream, pass under the Tissington Trail and immediately turn R to climb on to the Trail itself. Our route to the left (heading N) but just a few metres to the R is a welcome picnic table and a shelter at the site of the old Thorpe station. The Tissington Trail is a popular route and shared with cyclists and horse riders so keep an ear out for those. The novelty of a well-drained and hard surface of the Trail very quickly palls as the Trail enters the Fenny Bentley cutting and views become almost non-existent – never mind! Continue on the Tail as it passes through the site of the old Tissington station, heading now NE. The Trail starts to swing NW and views open out to the NE. As an overbridge appears, keep an eye out on the left for a diverging path. Follow this to a metalled track and turn right to cross the Trail. As the tracks swings round to the left, watch for a footpath sign pointing R to Parwich. Descend the hill, heading NE towards to obvious ascent ahead. The ascent is fairly steep but is soon over. Cross a stile and the end of the route is soon visible. Keep the field boundary to your left at first and watch for a stile on the left towards the base of the hill. Cross the stile and drop down to the road in Parwich.A very satisfying jaunt no matter what the weather or the conditions underfoot.